Sunday, October 18, 2009

Who wants movie advice?

I created a movie advice column over a month ago thinking it would be fun to share my opinions with people. I wanted people to email a movie they wanted to see and I would give them my review on it. My review would be humorous, random and probably not as helpful as a real review but it would be entertaining. Unfortunately no one has bothered to shoot me an email. On the side bar of my blog on the left it shows my email address and short description of my advice idea.

I guess other people aren't into movies as much as I am. This blog was mainly going to be about movies but it contains mostly random ideas and thoughts instead. Do I have any movie buffs that read my blog? Be the first one to receive a zany, entertaining review from Powdered Toast Man. Someone needs to get the ball rolling. There might be a prize incentive involved.........

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