Monday, November 2, 2009

Big Blue, where are you?

Somewhere along the way the Giants forgot how to play professional football. They are playing like the '08 Detroit Lions or the Detroit Lions of any year in the past 10 years for that matter. They are not the same team that started this season. What the fuck happened?

Their defense has been non-existent, teams are finding giant holes in their secondary and they are racking up too many points. I mean both Aaron Ross and Kenny Philips are injured but still that's no excuse. Also what happened to all the sacks this D-line usually gets on opposing QB's? They need Steve Spagnuolo back, he shouldn't of taken that Head Coach job for the Rams, they suck. He's better off coaching the Giants defense then the struggling Rams.

Eli is acting like an inexperienced rookie out there on the field. He is taking way too long before the snap changing up the plays trying to find the perfect one. He is always on the cusp of a delay of game penalty, he received 2 last week against the Cardinals. I'm not sure if him and his WR's aren't communicating but a lot of his passes have been way off mark and a lot have been overthrown. Maybe he should let that foot injury heal and have David Carr take half the snaps. I think they also need a veteran wide out to replace Burress and Toomer. Is Jerry Rice available?

The G-Men need their bye week right now. They need to regroup and watch the last 3 games on tape very closely. I have never been so pissed at their shitty performance. I found myself cursing at the tv yesterday at the Giants and I barely curse in real life. I wouldn't mind them losing if they at least put up a fight. Luckily there was an inkling of a comeback against the Eagles when they scored 10 points from the fumble and kick off recovery but that was short lived after the Eagles scored in the next 20 seconds. I figured they would run over the Eagles with Westbrook out with a concussion, I was dead wrong.

And to think I was going to write a post 3 weeks ago right before the Saints game on how awesome the Giants are that no one could stop them. I would look like a total asshole now. I might have to start rooting for the Raiders again soon, I used to be a fan of the black and silver pre-2002 season.

Tom Coughlin, give the Giants a stern talking to, make them stand in the corner and think about what they did wrong if you have to. Somebody has to start doing something right already.........WTF!!

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I'm 0 for 2.... I'm a Raiders fan and Eli Manning is my fantasy football quarterback....