Tuesday, November 17, 2009

From the Future Mrs....

I'm the ONE
Well, I'm the fiance of Powdered Toast Man...that's right...jealousy, I feel it all around. Well actually I'm just here to say a little something about my engagement to Jamie. We have been together for 2 years and to me it still feels like the very first time for everything. I got to say I was a little surprised that he popped the question when he did. I mean we have talked about it and we knew we wanted to be married but I didn't think he was going to do it as soon as he did after talking about it and picking out my ring. (BTW I love it and I have been getting compliments left and right).

I have been getting comments like "its too soon" and " your going to wait right". Maybe its because I'm not even 21 yet and its hard for people to believe that I found my soul-mate. That's exactly what he is to me. I know he probably doesn't believe me fully but I knew he was the one as soon as 2-3 months after dating. I don't feel I have to justify anything so I'm not going to.

I'm so excited to be the future Mrs Powdered Toast Man. I cant wait to start planning my wedding...the colors, dresses, flowers, music, cake, family...i want nothing more then to plan it now. I love that he wants to make this commitment and i cant wait till the day we are standing at the altar. Before when we were just talking about it i felt so close to him and so happy about what's going to come next. Now that its here I'm super anxious and even more in love with him which i didn't think i could be. I would do anything for him and its a nice feeling knowing i have someone that will do the same for me.


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Congratulations future Mrs. Powdered Toast Man! Here's to many years of happiness and love!

Don't listen to the cynics, you guys are adults.... Just remember to put each other first (at least until there are little Powdered Toast Men and Women), and make each other laugh....