Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Fourth Kind

I was going to write this post yesterday but I took a nap instead, who doesn't love a good nap? We need that implemented at work, instead of a break we should have naptime with juice or milk and a blanket like in nursery school and kindergarten. I actually have memories from nursery school, ahh being young....

Okay enough about taking a nap, more about movies. Nicole and I saw The Fourth Kind at the Poughkeepsie Galleria on Friday night after some delicious Chilis, 2 for $20 baby, can't beat that!! That spicy cajun chicken pasta is very tasty, it was even better as leftovers at 3:30 in the morning. Oh yeah I'm suppose to be talking about the movie.

It was a decent movie, I thought it would of been better. They kind of showed all the good parts in the coming attractions. It was kinda scary and made me believe in aliens more than I did but I heard that the woman that was suppose to be the real Abigail Tyler (the psychologist) was actually an actress. I can't believe movies based on true events anymore, it just seems like a ploy by Hollywood to trick society into going to see their films.

One of the things I thought was interesting about this movie is Elias Koteas is in it. Remember Casey Jones from TMNT? That's him, you probably didn't even now his real name, he also played Kirstie Alley's brother in Look Who's Talking. I think Look Who's Talking Too is better than the first one, Bruce Willis has a great little kid voice. Look Who's Talking Now wasn't as good but still funny.

I learned something from watching The Fourth Kind, Milla Jovovich is pronounced Yo-vovich, the "J" is pronounced as a "Y." The film was pretty freaky, Nicole was holding onto me tight and covered her eyes a couple times. They never really showed the Aliens though, they always were shadows or blurs or something you really couldn't see them. I like the movie Signs cause you actually got to see the Aliens. My opinion is wait for the DVD or go see the matinee for $7. I can't wait to see Sherlock Holmes, that looks awesome!!

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