Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Anyone busy 10/20/2012?

I have been making a mistake that nobody has picked up on. I guess no English majors read my blog. I have been using 'fiance' instead of 'fiancee' when talking about Nicole. 'Fiance' refers to the man while 'fiancee' refers to the woman. I had it backwards this whole time, boy is my face red. Okay, enough sarcasm, on to the exciting news.

After 5 months of being engaged, Nicole and I finally set a date for the wedding! We decided on October 20, 2012. That's a Saturday if anyone was wondering. So don't make plans for that date, who knows who will be invited. Has anybody ever invited fellow bloggers to attend their wedding? There is always a first for everything. Nicole, if you are reading this, I am not serious. I am not inviting strangers to our wedding no matter how cool their blogs or comments are. Sorry for the let down folks.

One of the reasons we set it 2 1/2 years in the future is we wanted to wait until one of us was out of school or somewhat close. The way school is going for both of us, it's a mystery to when we will finish.

Over 900 days and counting to the big day. I'm so excited! Hurrah!!


TS Hendrik said...

Hey, Congratulations! That's great. And I did know the whole fiance\fiancee thing, but when it comes to pointing out grammatical errors in peoples blogs I'm agin it.

2012 huh? Just in time for the end of the world. That's sweet. lol

Jerry said...

Congrats! Two the both of you. I remember my wedding day, it was only 3 years ago but hey still memorable. =)

Copyboy said...

Congrats!!! That's awesome. BTW...I'm a copywriter and I could care less aboot grummur.

Ally said...

Congrats! I have to say planning my 11/8/08 wedding was the most fun. I know everyone thinks it's stressful, but I enjoyed every minute of it. It's the actual marriage that's stressful, KIDDING! Enjoy this time, the engagement period is the most fun. People told me that but I never really got it until it was over.


Woo hoo! Congratulations! The best part of the wedding is when family members come up to you after the ceremony and hand you envelopes full of money!!!!

Can I marry you guys? I'm totally qualified to do it! I have my print out and everything! I'll even wear multicolored flowing robes! Please Please Please! Nicole will understand.... And I'll do it for free! Come on, you'll save a whole 50 dollars! For some reason, everybody I offer this to, keeps saying no.... It'll save you 50 dollars people!

Kitty Moore said...

I didn't know that about fiancee/fiance - am I dumb? Congratulations on setting the date!