Friday, March 19, 2010

The Movie Game Answers

Some of you are getting good at this game and some of you are still totally stumped. Start brushing up on your movie knowledge real quick. I want to give props to Nippy for getting all 4 answers correct. Congrats to Jerry and Asblackasobama for getting the first 3. That challenge question is there to really test your skills. Now for those of you still stumped and needing some relief, here are the answers.

Easy. Link: The Bourne Identity to Patch Adams
Good Will Hunting (Matt Damon and Robin Williams)

Medium. Link: Batman Returns to Gladiator
L.A. Confidential (Danny Devito and Russell Crowe)

Hard. Link: Footloose to Fargo
Reservoir Dogs (Chris Penn and Steve Buscemi)

Challenge. Link: E.T. to Ice Age 2 to Finding Nemo
Suicide Kings (Henry Thomas and Denis Leary and Brad Garrett)

Thanks for playing. Don't forget to check out the updated rankings. We might have a new leader.


Jerry said...

Wow, I never even thought of Suicide Kings. I am going to sit in the corner for 30 minutes for missing that one. Great job on this round.

Nippy The Penguin said...

woohoo I fell special lol

Nippy The Penguin said...

wow feel special lol guess i truly am though anyway hahahah.

Copyboy said...

I will eventually get an answer. You have not heard the last of me!!!