Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trix Rabbit vs. Energizer Bunny

Here is another battle. The Trix Rabbit and Energizer Bunny have hated each other for years. Something about Trix Rabbit sleeping with the Energizer Bunny's girlfriend when they were in High School, nobody really knows the truth. Who will be the victor? You decide...



* He is very determined, never gives up trying to get that cereal.

* Promotes a pretty tasty cereal.

* Won the National Spelling Bee 3 years in a row.

* Helped Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh overcome his OCD.

* Never tells a lie.

* Has been around since 1954


* Has changed the shape of the cereal from balls to fruit back to balls.

* Due to Megan's Law he is not allowed near schools and is required to go door-to-door when he moves.

* Is a huge failure (how hard is it to get a bowl of cereal from a kid?)

* Has become so obsessed with getting the cereal that his wife divorced him; his kids don't talk to him and he lost his house to the bank. He now lives in an empty Trix box.

* The only job he can get is filling in for the Easter Bunny when he's sick.

* Got the shit kicked out of him by the Cadbury Bunny.



* He keeps going and going....

* Stands behind a great product.

* Is very close friends with Bugs and Babs.

* Broke the World Record for continuous days staying awake.

* Reads to the blind.

* Saved a school bus full of children from veering off a cliff.


* Has battle a long addiction to speed.

* Only knows one f*cking song on that god damn drum!

* Still lives with his mom at age 40.

* His batteries are too expensive.

* Due to the noise, he has the neighbor's dogs barking all night long.

* Kicked out of college for cheating on final exams.

Submit your answer in the form of a delicious comment. It is a tough call. I am going to have to let the people decide this one.


Jerry said...

I am thinking while the Trix Rabbit might be on a sugar high, and it will be a tough battle, in the end the Energizer Bunny has that drum and does keep going and I would say EB wins with a loud thud of that drum beating the last bit of life out of the TR.

TS Hendrik said...

From what I'e seen Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh has lapsed back into his obsessive compulsive ways. So I can't really count that as a positive to Trix Rabbit.

The energizer bunny reads to the blind, which on the surface seems nice, until you realize that those glasses aren't there for show. He's been blind for years, so reading to the 'blind' is just reading to himself.

I gott go with Trixie, just cause he never gets the cereal, and I feel for him.

Nippy The Penguin said...

I'm gonna go with Trix the rabbit he has a sugar coated cartel that he runs and he is bad news you don't cross the Trix Rabbit!

Copyboy said...

Trix is friends with that the coco puffs bird and leprechaun. They'd kick the E-bunny's butt.


The Trix rabbit all the way.... The Energizer bunny keeps going and going, but that's because his batteries never run out of power....

The Trix rabbit would just take his batteries out.... Problem solved.... Battle over....