Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weird Laws: Part Thrice

Here is the next installment of Weird Laws of the U.S. You should obey them.


It is illegal for drive-in movie theaters to show R-rated movies. Someone might think actual aliens are coming to get them.

On Rehoboth Beach it is illegal to change your clothes inside your car. I guess after a quickie you can't swap threads.


All doors on public buildings must open outward. Too many idiots don't know the difference between push and pull.

The state constitution mandates that pregnant pigs must not be kept in cages. I bet that pig PMS is the worst.


In Athens-Clarke County it is illegal to sell two beers for the price of one. If I was a hill billie I would picket outside of the local saloon.

It is illegal in Athens-Clarke County for anyone under the age of 16 to use any amusement machine (for example pinball) after 11 p.m. What if you are accompanied by an older nerd?


Most billboards are illegal. What do they mean by most? That is some vague law. That is probably written on a giant billboard.


In Eagle it is illegal to camp or sleep overnight on public property.
Kids will never know the taste of delicious campfire S'mores.

It is illegal in Eagle to sweep any debris into the streets. That is what your neighbor's yard is for.


In Galesburg it is illegal to maintain an animal that disturbs others with it's odor or noise. I'm going to have to get rid of my rooster and get a real alarm clock if I want to live there. My pet skunk doesn't like the Chicago Bears anyway.

It is illegal in the same town for a bicycler to practice any acrobatic or fancy riding on any street. The circus is not coming to town.


TS Hendrik said...

Illegal to use any amusement machine after 11pm... that's what she said.

Jerry said...

Why is it illegal in Georgia to sell two beers for the price of one? They trying to keep the state population down?

Geof said...

I've been to Delaware and had to change my clothes in my car for an interview. I had no idea and would be mortified if that is how I went down.


I thoroughly enjoyed your jokes! Usually I try to add my lame little quips in the comments.... I have nothing to add.... Great jokes!

The circus is not coming to town. I love it!