Thursday, March 11, 2010

200th Post: 1st Post Revisited

For my 200th post I decided to resubmit my first post to see what you think of my earlier stuff and because most of you probably didn't read it. I can't believe I am up to 200 post already. It feels like just the other day when I started this bad boy. Here's to another 200 posts and more. Enjoy my first post.

Judd Apatow's best movie thus far. Funny people is hillarious. It's also a little dark because Adam Sandler is very ill and the cure lies in Seth Rogen's pants.
Don't listen to your moronic friends who saw it and said it wasn't good, they probably have the I.Q. of a hamster. Let them sit through that gerbil movie. It's a great comedy with some dark drama so let's call it a dramady. Now it might be a tad too long, but it still has an excellent story.
I have a sneaking suspicion that Adam Sandler's character is secretly gay because he is always jonesing to see Seth Rogen's thick, meaty cock. Jonah Hill plays Seth Rogen's friend in this film. Jonah is outstanding in this role and he kinda looks like Harry Potter that ate a few too many hobbits. (I know I'm referencing Harry Potter with LOTR but i don't care what u think, it's my review!) As a side note Apatow's wife stars in this film as well (she was Paul Rudd's wife in knocked up) and she is hot.
There is also an outrageous cameo by a very popular and well known rapper, however I won't disclose his name, legal reasons and all but i won't go into that. Both Sandler and Rogen both perform...... no not oral sex..... stand up comedy which Rogen hasn't done since he was 17 and said he will never do it again. Jason Schwartzman plays Rogen's wet douche of a roommate. The whole time you wish Rogen or Hill would just mushroom tattoo his face to put him in his place, maybe they do but u won't know until u see the movie.
Oh so you probably want to know the plot, well I guess I could squeeze that in here.
Adam Sandler's character is very sick and he hires Rogen's character as his personal assistant and joke writer. Leslie Mann stars as Sandler's ex and is married to Eric Bana. Bana does not reprise his role as The Hulk in this film, if he did i might have had to kill a midget. Did you know Bana was Australian? Neither did I!!

Funny people in theaters everywhere or at least i think so, if not you can find it somewhere on your own. I hope this review helped and if it didn't i don't care, you are reading it on a free blog website. If you want a real review go poke Roger Ebert on facebook, moron.


Jerry said...

Well congrads on the 200th and here is to a million or so more!

I think that was a great review of Funny People. I have yet to see it but I will put it high on my Netflix queue after this review.

My Thoughts

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I was going to save this for a trivia question for my blog, but I might as well put it here....

Can you name the other time Seth Rogen and Adam Sandler acted together? Here's a hint, in the other role, Seth Rogen plays a huge fan of Adam Sandler's character.

I liked this movie.... I wouldn't say it was Apatow's best though.... What about 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' or 'Anchorman'? Oh, and Apatow is making a new 'Sherlock Holmes' with Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen!

Did you know that the two little girls in the movie were Judd Apatow's daughters? They were in 'Knocked Up' too....

I have mad love for J Schwartz.... He was great in this movie! I'm going to have to re-watch this....

Oh! By the way! If you get a chance, watch Adam Sandler in 'Reign Over Me'.... I'm not a huge Adam Sandler fan, but he was AMAZING in 'Reign Over Me'!!!!!

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Jerry said...

Don't forget to check out my blog tomorrow for your shout out for guessing the Fifth Element. =)

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The Man-Cave said...

Congrats PTM on 200! I hope you can do a trillion more.

And I need to get on that damn Movie Game Leaderboard one of these times.

Anonymous said...

"Anchorman" remains my fav Apatow flick. It is genius! I do like the more serious approach he tried. I admit I did get some teary eye moments. Congrats on your 200th!!!! Love it:)
Oh and my fav Sandler movie, "Punch, Drunk, Love"

Ally said...

Wow 200 posts! Congrats!!

I'm a BIG time fan of Jason Schwartzman as you know :) So I'll have to check that movie out :)

My gym has a movie theater room with a huge screen, I tend to flock towards this room because it is dark and I am fat. I like to hide whilst on the treadmill dying for air... Anyway point of this comment is to tell you that I think this week was like Apatow week. I was like "What's the deal with every day a movie starting a Freak & Geek?" Ha ha :) Also, it is soooo humiliating to watch sex scenes in a smallish movie room with three older gents.

Aion said...

Dude! Congrats!! and.. your beating your "posting record" from last year!! I was going through your archives (I'm a Blog Reading Nerd lol) and saw your Thursday, December 31, 2009 Post where said you had posted 132 posts during a span of 145 days during 2009 (since you had started your blog) and.. THIS YEAR (so far) you've posted 68 in 70 days!!!

WAY TO GO! (it's ok to take a break lol) Cool Blog Post's btw


Unknown said...

I love this movie. It wasn't quite what I expected, but I think that made it even better.