Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Movie Game

The Movie Game was a big hit last time. I stumped a lot of you out there. You need to brush up on your movie knowledge. Here is another set of questions but before that I need to explain the rules for those who forgot or that are new to the game.

To start, I give you 2 movies. The object of the game is to think of another movie that you can link to the movies I gave you by using the actors/actresses. For example if I said link Independence Day to U.S. Marshalls, the answer would be Men In Black. Will Smith is in Independence day and Tommy Lee Jones is in U.S. Marshalls and they are both in Men In Black. Sometimes there is more than one answer This was an easy one. Understand how to play now? Great!

Easy- Link: Top Gun to The Shining

Medium- Link: The Whole Nine Yards to Forrest Gump

Hard- Link: Jerry Maguire to Jaws

I'm changing the point system for The Movie Game. Correct answers are worth as follows: 1 point for Easy, 2 points for Medium and 3 pontsfor Hard.


Anonymous said...

1. "A Few Good Men"
and I am stumped on the other two...

Jerry said...

1. A Few Good Men.
2. The Green Mile.
3. Stand By Me.


1. Top Gun - Tom Cruise + The Shining - Jack Nicholson = A Few Good Men.

2. The Whole Nine Yards - Michael Clarke Duncan + Forrest Gump - Tom Hanks = The Green Mile.

3. Jerry Maguire - Jerry O'Connell + JAWS - Richard Dreyfuss = Stand By Me.

Nippy The Penguin said...

wish I had checked in earlier this one was not very Hard
1. A few Good Men
2. The Green Mile
3. Stand By Me

but then again we have covered so many movies in this game already at work.

Ally said...

Once you see the answers, it makes it hard to play :( So I'm just gonna stop by today to say Hi!!

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

Ally said...

PS Above comment was like "spoiled brat" style - no reflection on your blog post. I'm being all "sore loser" like... ya know?

TS Hendrik said...

Nertz. Like Ally said in her 'spoiled brat' comment. I arrived too late.

Well it's still fun.

Geof said...

Dammit I arrived late too. I already figured them out (except for #3) then scrolled down and saw the answers. I'm glad you're still doing this and glad you kept it "The Movie Game".

Copyboy said...

Looks like everyone is way smarter than me. Still, I like the game.