Friday, March 12, 2010

Mega Man vs. Earthworm Jim

Today's pros and cons post is brought to you by my buddy Nippy the Penguin from Crazy Penguin Ramblings. He just started writing on his blog again and I wanted to give him a nice plug. He is still kind of new to blogging but we won't hold that against him. So after you read his guest post, go check out his cool blog. If you folks like him, I will have him back to write more stuff. BTW I love Mega Man. Enjoy!

We all Have our preferences when it comes to our beloved video game characters, so today I decided to take two of my favorite characters and pit them against one another in a Pro Vs. Con Match up to determine the Ultimate winner.

First up we have Mega Man also known as the Blue Bomber or Rockman in Japan.

Mega Man
Mega Man and Rush Pictures, Images and Photos


*First off he has a friggin' laser cannon for a hand!! How cool would that be to have? And you can charge it up for those extra large jobs.

*He absorbs the abilities of his fallen foes taking in their strengths to take down others.

*Never has to age and deal with those achy joints or someone trying to sell him some damned age defying creams.

*Has a robot dog named Rush as a faithful sidekick. Imagine if he were trained like Chopper from Stand By Me, that's one helluva clamp that junkyard dog would have. Oh yeah did I mention the dog enabled you to fly?


* Cute female lead in your game is your sister and although the Japanese are freaky they aren't like our southern Hill Billies. Sorry Mega Man no robo booty for you. No amount of enemy power absorption is gonna get rid of that blue!

*Forever stuck as a child which brings us to our next con.

* Dr. Light seems to get an awful lot of joy from popping open his chassis and taking him for a spin, that poor little robo boy.

Earthworm Jim
Earthworm Jim Pictures, Images and Photos


* He has a super suit that makes him really strong , and a really big ray gun ....... sorry got caught going off into his cartoon theme song.

* Can totally use himself as a whip which has worked well in his current career as an Asexual Dominatrix.

*Has a loyal side kick named Peter Puppy and let's face it, chicks dig cute puppies.

* His suit also works as a huge storage compartment for all his gear which he currently rents out to a large group of interstellar illegal aliens. Gotta make some extra cash with no game revenue coming in.


* That cute adorable puppy we spoke of earlier goes into random roid rages on Jim whenever he gets slightly hurt, making for some interesting hospital visits especially after Jim had watched the movie Road Trip.

* Princess Whats-her-face will forever be beyond Jim's grasp. After all he is still just an earthworm but hey some chicks might be into that.

* Only 2 major games of note and no current games in development that I am aware of, which is unfortunate.

It was a long and arduous decision but I would have to go ahead and declare Mega Man the Winner. Besides where else can you find a boss character named Boomer Kawanger? This is Nippy the Penguin signing off. Until next time my fine feathered friends keep on sliding along the icy shores of life!


Anonymous said...
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Geof said...

I admit that Earthworm Jim was a lot of fun to play back in the day, but not as much as Mega Man. MM is iconic. Plus I like when he steals the powers from the Bosses to be used.

And I will check out the Crazy Penguin blog.

Copyboy said...

GREAT POST!!! Just had a flashback to the hours I spent playing EJ. I loved the game so much I even watched the cartoon show for 2 sec. True that about the puppy.

Ian said...

Not even close. Mega Man FTW


Yeah, I have to go with Mega Man.... Much more variety in his titles....

But you want to go with the best game ever? Try Conker's Bad Fur Day!

Jerry said...

I never really liked the Earth Worm Jim games. I was a Mega Man fan my whole life. I still am. Who wouldn't want to have a self sustaining arm cannon that can take the abilities of your fallen foes? Sign me up!