Friday, March 26, 2010

Little Caesar vs. Noid

Here we go, I'm pitting 2 famous pizza chain icons against each other today. We have the Pizza!Pizza! dude from Little Caesar's dueling against the Domino's Noid. There can be only one victor, who will it be. Vote for who you think it the champion.



* Has the Pizza!Pizza! deal, two pies for the price of one

* He is Julius Caesar's great-great-great-great-great-great grandson

* Can wear the shit out of a toga

* Dated Jessica Rabbit before Roger got to her

* Is part of the 4th largest pizza chain

* Adopts abandoned kittens and gives them away with the order of 3 large pies


* Doesn't know any English except for pizza

* Has been arrested for wielding that spear in public

* Doesn't do many commercials anymore

* Has two illegitimate children; one with Aunt Jemima and another with the Land O' Lakes Native American woman

* Has lost most of his teeth due to poor dental hygiene

* He is addicted to Viagra and autoerotic asphyxiation



* Was the spokesman for Domino's Pizza

* Once teamed up with Superman to fight Lex Luthor

* Has his own video game (Yo! Noid)

* Was behind the free delivery idea

* Gives half his paycheck to his Grandmother for groceries

* He can recite the Pledge of Allegiance backwards in Spanish


* Has struggled with bulimia for most of his life

* His red jumpsuit is permanently fused to his skin

* Got the shit kicked out of him by Mayor Adam West on Family Guy

* Is the prime suspect in 3 ongoing hit and run investigations

* Is always trying to ruin someone's pizza

* Has actually stolen candy from a baby

I have always liked the Noid. I love the video game for NES, I have never beaten it. I play it every once in awhile and get a little further. I have never actually eaten Little Caesar's pizza, I don't see commercials for it anymore. Cast your vote for the winner. Also I would love to hear your ideas for the next Vs. match-up.


little bird. said...

Noid is wayyyy better than Little Caesar.
Viagra addiction is a definite turn off.

Copyboy said...

I owned that game, plus the one that featured the 7Up Spot. Hmmm...if I'm a betting man I'd say LC. His character is based on one of the greatest warriors of all time!

Ally said...

Avoid the Noid, too funny. I always thought the Noid was adorable. My hubby never allows me to order what he refers to as "chain" pizza, only supports the local guys.

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

Golden Girl said...

isnt it funny that there is a pizza advertisement under this post...

Pat Tillett said...

While reading this post, I happily remembered Tuesday's left over pizza in the fridge.
So while I'm trying to decide, I'm eating a piece of ice cold, stale as hell, grease incrusted, "disk of death." So I'm probably not fit to judge,'s gotta be pizza pizza! (LC)

Nippy The Penguin said...

I am gonna have to go with the Noid on this one , much more enjoyable spokesperson for pizza in my book.

Jerry said...

Everyone's missing the point, you were suppose to avoid the Noid. So I am going with Little Caesar on this one.

TS Hendrik said...

When was the last time the Noid was even featured? Last I heard he got hooked on meth, hit bottom, cleaned up, and now works with inner city children. So Yeah I gotta go with him.

Though Little Caesar's has better pizza.

Geof said...

No shit...I sold my copy of the Noid NES game my friend gave me years ago on Ebay three years ago for $30! You are the first person I met (albeit electronically) who has ever admitted to playing this game.

One pro and con is that one franchise is dead and one is still kicking...although I did like LC's.


Always Little Caeser's.... It's all about the little poof of chest hair....