Sunday, March 14, 2010

Trivia Corner #10

Today is a double dose of Trivia, 2 questions. Not easy ones either. Now remember, answers/guesses will be emailed to me from now on. Don't post your answer in a comment, it's just a courtesy to others. Email:
You can still make comments, just leave out your answer/guess. And away we go....

1. Who accepted her Best Actress Oscar statuette with the words "Hello, gorgeous"?

2. What was the assassination unit inside the former Soviet Union's KGB called?


Copyboy said...

FYI...I'm going to be honest and not Wiki.

Anonymous said...
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Jerry said...

I have no clue on either of those really. I will look them up via Google for future reference though.

Craigster said...

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Searching the internet won't help: the others will be TOO FAST.