Monday, April 12, 2010

Trivia Corner #14 - Double Dose

Just a friendly reminder, please submit your answers in the form of an email. Don't ruin for everyone else by posting your answer in a comment. Answers will be posted tomorrow morning.

Also don't use the Internet, it takes all the fun out of it. Thanks.

1.) What baseball legend struck out only 369 times in 6,821 at bats during his 13-season major league career?

2.) How did "a cup of Joe" become U.S. jargon for a cup of coffee?

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Ian said...

#1 going to take a wild guess and say Ty Cobb?

Ally said...

I love question 2 but am on the run to the beach in a few... I could swear there's one for Sloppy Joe too - a story behind that one. Hubs is a food network junkie yet denies ever hearing the story behind it and that is just irritating me right now! I know I can Google, but I want someone to be all, "YES! I totally remember that." Ha ha.

Golden Girl said...

dimaggio and the navy


I was gonna answer, but I read GG's answers before I could even think about it.... lol