Monday, April 12, 2010

Retro Review: "Hey Dude"

This was one of my favorite shows growing up on Nickelodeon. It aired on July 14, 1989. Do you know why this is awesome? Because July 14th is my birthday!! (not the 1989 part, I was born in '84) I just found that out while surfing IMDb and that makes this post even more special. The series span from 1989 to 1991 spitting out 65 dusty episodes.

If you have never seen the show, it took place on a ranch called The Bar None. It was run by Mr. Ernst with fellow employees: Ted, Lucy, Brad, Melody, Danny, and son Buddy. The show's premise was that Mr. Ernst was from the country or city (I can't remember which) and knew nothing on how to run a ranch. He also looked like a big dork. The episodes consisted of the daily activities of the ranch and the different zany situations that the employees got into. Go pick Hey Dude on your Netflix or Blockbuster Queue so you can understand what I'm talking about.


Benjamin Ernst played by David Brisbin
Most Notable Mentions: Erin Brochovich as Dr. Jaffe, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas as Man in Car, Forrest Gump as Newscaster and Seinfeld as Client of puffy shirt.

Ted McGriff played by David Lascher
Most Notable Mentions: Sabrina the Teenage Witch as Josh, Clueless as Josh (TV) and Blossom as Vinnie Bonatardi.

Melody Hanson played by Christine Taylor
Most Notable Mentions: Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story as Kate Veatch, Zoolander as Matilda Jeffries, The Wedding Singer as Holly, A Brady Bunch Movie/A Very Brady Sequel as Marcia Brady and Friends as Bonnie.

Danny Lightfoo
t played by Joe Torres
Most Notable Mentions: Hey Dude as Danny Lightfoot......that's it.

Lucy played by Debrah Kalman
Most Notable Mentions: Hey Dude as Lucy.......nothing else.

Brad Taylor
played by Kelly Brown
Most Notable Mentions: Hey Dude as Brad Taylor......all I found. I thought I've seen her in something else but this is all IMDb has on her.

Buddy Ernst played by Josh Tygiel
Most Notable Mentions: Hey Dude as Buddy Ernst.........only thing he did.

My Mom got me all the episodes on some bootleg DVD's for Christmas this past year. The sound quality isn't that great and the episodes are marked wrong but it definitely took me back to my childhood. I was anywhere between 5 & 7 when I used to watch "Hey Dude." It's not quite as entertaining as it once was but it's nice to relive those memories of my youth. I love being nostalgic!

Tidbit of Trivia:
The set is still up, on a Dude Ranch-turned-resort outside Tucson, Arizona called Tanque Verde Guest Ranch.

This is the only episode I could find. Enjoy.


Copyboy said...

I totally remember watching it...and feeling weird 'cause I was 18.

margg. said...

I've never seen this before :|

Probably before my time.
It looks good.
I'll have to dig it up from somewhere :)


I watched this show every day on Nickelodeon! Awesome reference!!!!! I love it!


Is it on DVD now?!?!?! I have to get it!