Friday, April 2, 2010

The Movie Game Answers

I need to find more specific movie game answers. I picked movies that had multiple answers again. I am awarding extra points for those that got the answers I chose. You will still get points for correct answers regardless if they were mine.

Easy - Link: The Fast and the Furious & Shaft
XXX (Vin Diesel & Samuel L. Jackson)

Medium - Link: Fight Club & Knockaround Guys
25th Hour (Edward Norton & Barry Pepper)

Hard - Link: Stepmom & Home Alone
Igby Goes Down (Susan Sarandon & Kieran Culkin)

Challenge - Link: Donnie Darko & Almost Famous & The Good Son
Saved (Jena Malone, Patrick Fugit & Macaulay Culkin)

Saved could be an answer for the hard question as well using Jena Malone & Macaulay Culkin. Asblackasobama pointed that out. I definitely need to research these answers better. Here are other answers that worked: Burn After Reading, Gone Fishin', Pollock, True Romance and The Pelican Brief. There are probably others as well. Don't forget to check the standings.


Copyboy said...

Next one I will rule them all. I'm just getting my groove on now. Ugh, first one I should've gotten.
BTW...happy friday follow. Whatever that means.

Jerry said...

Wow I actually am sort of catching up to Nippy the Penguin on the standings. Sweet.

TS Hendrik said...

Well I've got points on the board. That's something.


Wait, Jerry's ahead of me? Uh oh.... I'm going to take him down next week....