Monday, April 26, 2010

Trivia Corner Reboot #2

I just realized that in last week's trivia corner I put my blog URL instead of my email, no wonder only a few people participated. I am such a dumbass!!

Today I am presenting 2 questions. One of them is multiple choice, I am trying this out for a change to see what happens. Remember, there is going to be a prize for the winner at the end, only 8 more after this one. Answers will be posted Tuesday at 6 am.

RULES: I will only accept EMAILS, do not post your answers in a comment. Let everyone have a fair shot at guessing the answer. You are welcome to leave comments as long as you don't write any answers in there. Email answers to No cheating!! Using the Internet takes the fun out of the game. Have fun!

1.) What are kernels of popcorn that don't pop called?
(worth 1 point)

a.) Lazy Dogs
b.) Old Maids
c.) Abe Vigodas
d.) Un-laid Eggs
e.) Late Bloomers

2.) What Hall of Fame hurler issued a record 11 walks while pitching a complete shutout? (worth 3 points)

The standings are displayed on the left side of this blog for the world to see. The winner gets a prize at the end of the contest. Will it be you?


TS Hendrik said...

Stumped again as usual.
You'd think with a multiple choice I'd have at least some idea, but no.

However I really hope it's Abe Vigodas. lol

Cheeseboy said...

Ha ha! Abe Vigodas. I hope it is that one.

Pat Tillett said...
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Pat Tillett said...

My first comment was just "yahoo." but then I thought it sounded like a search engine reference.
so let me re-phrase that...



I got one!