Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Movie Game

It turns out that my movie game is a little bias because I'm a guy and don't want the same movies that females watch. So today I have a special treat, I am going to try and use movies that I think you ladies have seen. And when I say 'females' that goes for all of you cross-dressers, transsexuals, trans genders, transvestites and hermaphrodites too (I hope I didn't miss anyone). As per the rules, please EMAIL me your answers. You are welcome to leave comments but don't spoil it for everybody else by posting answers there. Let's have fun out there!

If you have never played before or need a refresher, well read ahead...

I present you with two movies, for example: Independence Day and U.S. Marshalls. The object of the game is to link them together using another movie by connecting the actors/actresses. The link in this case is Men In Black using Will Smith from Independence Day and Tommy Lee Jones from U.S. Marshalls.
Now they all aren't this easy and sometimes there are multiple answers. The questions range from easy to hard and sometimes I like to throw in a challenging one to test those true movie buffs. You earn points for correct answers and I keep track of every one's points on the side of my blog. There is going to be a prize awarded to the winner. I haven't said what it is yet or how long the game is running. That will be a surprise. GOOD LUCK!!

Easy - Link: Dirty Dancing & The Color Purple

Medium - Link: Cast Away & Thelma & Louise

Hard - Link: Forrest Gump & Look Who's Talking

Challenge - Link: What's Eating Gilbert Grape & Zoolander & The Holiday

Answers via Email: ..... and a fun comment. Answers will be posted on Friday. Don't delay, send in your answers now!


Bossy Betty said...

This is too difficult for my brain this early in the morning! I'll check back and see other people's answers this afternoon. (This is how I made it through college too!)

Copyboy said...

I am on like Donkey least for #1.

Golden Girl said...
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