Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Battle of the Game Show Hosts: !st Round

Okay folks, the polls are closed and the first battle is about to commence. It came down to the wire, there was a five-way tie for the last spot but a final vote by Asblackasobama sealed the deal. I almost had to jump in for a tie breaker and I can't promise that I wouldn't have been bias. So the winners are (drum roll please)...... nope I changed my mind, I want it to be a surprise. I can do that, it's my battle. I can tell you the ultimate losers though. Stuart Scott, Jeff Foxworthy and Summer Sanders did not receive a single vote. Didn't anybody watch Figure it Out on Nickelodeon besides me? Tough break for the losers. Okay, enough with the foreplay, let's get on to the fight.

Bob Barker vs. Richard Dawson

Hostings: Truth or Consequences (1956-74), Family Game (1967), The Price Is Right (1972-2007)
Favorite Board Game: Chutes and Ladders
Favorite Actor: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Favorite Movie Quotes: "Get to the chopper!" (Arnold, Predator) "It's not a tumor" (Arnold, Kindergarten Cop)
Favorite Song: Kangaroo song from Big Daddy
Biggest Accomplishment: Kickin' the shit out of Happy Gilmore
Beef with Richard Dawson: Bob lent Dick $10 back in 1974 while at a strip club and Dick has yet to pay him back

Masquerade Party (1974-75), Family Feud (1976-85 & 1994-95)
Favorite Board Game: Jenga: Truth or Dare
Favorite Actor: Chris Farley
Favorite Movie Quotes: "Tommy likey, Tommy want wingy" (Farley, Tommy Boy) "Raving psycho! Butchered 400 chickens and screwed a beagle. I'm taking him back to Nevada where he's wanted for banging horses!" (Farley, Black Sheep)
Favorite Song: Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
Biggest Accomplishment: Starring in The Running Man with Schwarzenegger
Beef with Bob Barker: One of Barker's beauties gave him an STD

Who will win the first round? That my folks is up to you. Cast your votes now. Polls will close Sunday at 11:59 PM. The next battle will be next Tuesday. Enjoy the videos, I know I did.


Ian said...

This is almost unfair. Richard Dawson was such a mack daddy. He was so great on whatever that show's called...dang...not FF...anyhow, Bob Barker's the man and he gets the vote.

Anonymous said...

Bob Barker FTW!!!!!! He has a great sense of humor, encourages people to be responsible pet owners and let's face it The Price is Right is the best game show ever!

Copyboy said...

Richard also guest starred on the Love Boat like a zillion times. Survey Says, "RICHARD WILL RULE THEM ALL!"

TS Hendrik said...

But... I... Eh...
How can you ask me to choose between these two greats?

My childhood tells me to side with Bob Barker, having grown up watching him. Plus I hate Drew Carey on the show. But heck, he's got a ship named after him that's sole purpose is trying to take out whalers. And while I agree animals need preserving, activists more or less annoy the heck out of me.

So I throw my vote to sarcastic and hilarious Richard Dawson.

Nippy The Penguin said...

I am gonna Have to go With Richard Dawson on this one he was the man back in the day, and his role in the Running Man was great and much larger then that of Barker's cameo in Happy Gilmore.


Richard Dawson.... Bob Barker never had the cajones to kiss every attractive female contestant!

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Well, Bob did kiss and yada-yada lots of woman off-stage. I guess the price was right for that womanizer. Dick, I mean Richard, did his kissing in front of the cameras. I've gotta go for the more wholesome Dick. I mean Richard.

Jerry said...

I have to go with Richard Dawson. He's a pimp!

Cheeseboy said...

Wow, this is a huge machup right off the bat. I'll go with Barker. How could I not with all those Barker Beauties?

I love this game.

The Invisible Seductress said...


did I say that out loud??


I vote for Bob Barker

Bendigo said...

Richard Dawson...Bob Barker kicked Happy Gilmore's ass and I haven't forgiven him yet....

margg. said...


Guilty of Gossip said...

I have to go with Bob Barker on this one- especially because i heard this clip the other day from price is right when Bob was still hosting- it was a 4/20 airing episode and everyone was bidding like $420 or $4200 and $1420, so it was quit obvious, and Bob was just cracking up the whole time and it was hilarious.

Carl (ILHM) said...

Im amazed this is even a contest, Bob all the way! I only regret not being the first person to spin the wheel the wrong direction..

Pat Tillett said...

Easy one...Mr. Barker gets my vote for beating the the hell out of Adam Sandler for me!

Reputation@Stake said...

My ears hurt. Is it loud in here to anyone else? There's like an incessant ringing. Seriously, no one else hears that? Oh, wait, it stopped. Ah, I see, someone just guessed that a can of Lima-Beans was $1.10 rather than $1.15. Well, sure, that would make anyone excited. I wish I could stay to see if they win that pink plastic lawn chair, but I've got to go vote for Richard Dawson. Maybe next time.

Geof said...

Bob Barker - he hosted a better show, kicked Adam Sandler's ass and is indestructible. Still pimpin' after all these years.

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