Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sequels, prequels and remakes...oh my!

I started this post on 8/17 and forgot about it. Then I didn't exactly know what to write because I didn't want it to be crazy long so this is what I came up with.

Here are 41 TBA movies to tickle your fancy....

Thundercats - I had the lunchbox when I was younger. Would probably be worth some $$ now. Should be a kick ass movie

Beverly Hills Cop 4 - It's about time Eddie Murphy makes another action movie

Get Smart 2 - I used to watch the show on TVLAND, thought the 1st one was funny but could of been better

Rambo 5 - Didn't see the last one. Is Sly wearing depends yet?

National Treasure 3 - Loved the 1st one. Curious to see what they are gonna do for this one

Inside Man 2

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - Huge Depp fan, should be good.

XXX 3- the return of Xander Cage - Didn't like that Vin Diesel wasn't in the 2nd one but he returns in this bad boy

Ghostbusters 3 - They are all old but who doesn't love The Ghostbusters?

Hostel part III - 1st one gave me the heebie jeebies

Scream 4 - 3rd one sucked, had a lame plot. I'll still watch this one but just to see what they come up with

Anchorman 2 - original was hilarious, will only be good with Farrell

300 2 - did not expect a sequel to this one....remember the guy with the eye patch?

Super Troopers 2 - didnt need a sequel but why the hell not

I am Legend 2 - ???

Ghost Rider 2 - Wasn't a big fan of the 1st one, hopefully they do a better job

X-men origins: Magneto - Love X-men, a little disappointed in Wolverine though

Bourne 4 - They could make 10 more of these

Toy Story 3 - So excited, I've been waiting years for this sequel

Indiana Jones 5 - Didn't like the ending to 4, don't know if Ford is gonna be in this one. Shia might take over

Tron 2 - Still need to see the original

The Lost Boys 3 - Straight to DVD

Big Momma's House 3 - Are they serious? A bit overdone

The Strangers 2 - Watch the 1st one, pretty good

Harold and Kumar 3 - Should be funny

Wanted 2 - Who is gonna be in this one?

Silent Hill 2 - Fell asleep watching the 1st one, a little confused.

Gambit - It's about fucking time. They teased us with him in Wolverine. Been waiting forever to see him in action

The Green Lantern

Iron Man 2 - The 1st one was so amazing. Robert Downey jr is a great Tony Stark. Don't like the change to Don Cheadle from Terrence Howard

Luke Cage

Nick Fury

Sin City 2 - Awesome

Sin City 3 - Awesome again

Silver Surfer

Superman: Man of Steel - They better get it right this time

The Flash

The Avengers


Wonder Woman - Hope they use someone hot, Jessica Biel is a rumored

X-Men: First Class

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