Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Driving" Me Crazy

What is the deal with MiniVans? They are either driving way too slow or they are speeding and tailgating on the highway. It has probably happened to you where you are driving on the parkway and a MiniVan comes flying up behind you and starts tailgating the shit out of your car. I have a theory about these MiniVans. I believe that the ones that are speeding are being driven by the husbands who hate having the Minivan so they decide to beat the hell out of them. Now the ones that drive like your 90 year old grandma are being driven by the soccer moms with too many kids.

This theory brings me to my original topic: People do not know how to drive anymore. Today's generation of motorists barely qualify as licensed pedestrians. I don't think anyone knows what the purpose of a turn signal really is or how long you should wait at a stop sign before proceeding. Now I am not a perfect driver, I break the law from time to time and account for my fair share of non-signaling and erratic behavior but I am far better than most of the jackasses out there.
I vote on implementing a new requirement for owning a driver's license. I believe that everyone should have to take a driver's test every 5 years (free of charge of course, the DMV gets too much of our money as it is.) This will hopefully weed out those who passed their first exam by accident. It's a miracle that certain people even received a license. This will also cut down on automobile accidents and breaking the law such as speeding and rolling through stop signs. I cannot stand the dumb asses that are out there on the asphalt. I just want to run them off the road and beat them with a sack of potatoes until they learn their lesson.
Let's drive safe out there............or do you like potatoes that much?

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