Monday, September 7, 2009

"Just the cheese" update

Before I wrote this I went outside and peed on the lawn, I didn't have to worry about aiming and it makes me feel more free. This post isn't about peeing I just thought I would share that information.
I mentioned in one of my first posts about the origin of my blog title: "just the cheese." It's from Dane Cook's stand up; Vicious Circle. I have been looking for a youtube clip to post so you can enjoy my blog that much more but I can't find any such clip. If you have not seen/heard Vicious Circle, you should definitely check it out, it's good stuff. I don't want to ruin the joke or screw up the punchline but Dane talks about going to the movies with a girlfriend and she wants some food from the concession stand. She's craving the nacho cheese that comes with the nachos, no nachos, just the cheese. Who wouldn't love a cup full of processed movie theater cheese as a snack? There is more to the bit but I don't know it all off hand.........well I probably do but I'm not going to type the whole thing, go see it for yourself.
I love cheese (even though it blocks me up a little) and I somehow always fit that quote in during the day. If anybody finds a clip of that bit let me know so I can post it on this bitch.

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