Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mad Libs Email

This is the first finished Mad Libs story by a reader sent by email.

Ashley unbuttoned her socks a little to show off her earlobes. Mark was jumping on the beer bong when he noticed Ashley's ample geese. Ashley has a crush on Mark and is always trying to get his attention. The marble on Mark's finger reminds him to stop staring at grandma and get back to work. Ashley knows Mark is Jewish but she doesn't care, she wants his bouncy totem pole inside her anyway. Mark loves spanking at work because he gets to see what Ashley is wearing everyday which is usually something smelly.

Mark has had many sexual dreams about Ashley but would never tell his stripper that. The last dream he had they were making love on a quad with everybody watching them. Ashley could have any man she wants but for some reason she wants to have sex with Mark. Ashley drops her stapler on purpose in front of Mark and he gets a good look down her pantyhose. Mark can't take this teasing anymore. He grabs her left butt cheek and takes her into the bedroom where he fucks her against the dishwasher. Mark's wife finds out and eats his balls. The End.

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