Thursday, September 3, 2009

Across the river and through the woods....

If you were wondering how my weekend was in Cape Cod, it was boring. Me, my sister and brother took a short road trip to Harwich Port, a hamlet of Cape Cod, to visit my grandmother. I haven't been there in four years so it was about time I made an appearance. Don't get me wrong it was nice seeing my grandmother but it wasn't like it was 15 years ago, when I was 10. The weather was pretty shitty going up there and the whole weekend. There was rain, some rain and more rain. Of course it was beautiful on Monday when we left, always happens.

Now besides the weather being bad, my grandmother is 90 years old so there isn't much she can do anymore. We ended up playing Boggle like 18 times to pass the time (I kick ass in that game.) When I wasn't annoying Joe and Jess with my vocab skills, I was watching some preseason football on the tv from 1983. This tv had the buttons on the side next to the screen with the dials to adjust the color, hue, and contrast. It should have been in a museum not in her living room.

We found out that my grandma does not like tattoos, she asked how would we go about removing them. I couldn't even kill time on the internet, she doesn't have a computer. I don't even know if she knows what the internet is. Joe and I got so bored that he challenged me to see who could hold up their left leg the longest off the couch. We figured that we would both only last 45 seconds. Well after 16 minutes we both were in pain and just wanted the stupid contest to end. Joe eventually didn't care if he won and put down his leg declaring me the victor. I'm still paying the price for that dumbass game, my quadricep is very sore.
One of the few exciting things that happened was that I got to enjoy some blizzards at Dairy Queen (a tradition when we visit.) I decided to find DQ using my navigation on my phone, it brought us to the DQ 15 minutes away when there was one 30 seconds down the road. Damn navigator not updating for new locations!!

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