Friday, July 2, 2010

Weird Laws: Part 8

I know you have all been waiting for the next installment of Weird Laws of the U.S. It has been over a month since I did one of these. I love weird laws.


In Bensalem it is illegal to operate Bingo games if you are a felon. Shouldn't that be on the Bingo application, if you have been convicted of a crime? Don't they screen potential operators?

In the same town it is illegal for operators of Bingo games to advertise the prizes they offer. Man, they have some strict Bingo rules in Pennsylvania. I want to know what I'm playing for.


It is illegal to possess a cap gun. It's because they look to much like real guns and they don't want to gun down someone with a fake gun. And making it illegal to own a real gun would just be plain silly.

It is illegal to string wire across a highway unless it is 14 feet higher than the surface. Say what?


Fortune tells must be licensed by the state. Is this where Miss Cleo went wrong?

It is illegal to work on Sunday. Who's running the churches down there?


It is illegal to bring a skunk into the state. Racist bastards!!

It is illegal to entice a child to purchase an alcoholic beverage. Hey kid, I will give you this lollipop if you go buy me a beer?


It is illegal to sell any of your organs. Dammit, I was told I could get $3000 for my spleen.

You must acknowledge the existence of a supreme being in order to hold a public office. I have always believed in the Spaghetti Monster. Mayoral election, here I come.


It is illegal to sell alcohol during an emergency. What if the emergency is that there is no alcohol?

It is illegal to participate in a boxing match that allows biting. It would be too easy to make a Mike Tyson joke.


Teachinfourth said...

I've heard a couple of these before, the funny thing is that some of these types of laws are still on the books...

Pat Tillett said...

Actually, I have been waiting for more of these.
These are great. Earthlings are indeed stupid!

TS Hendrik said...

I don't need a cap gun. I was one of those kids that would scrape off all the powder from the caps and make one giant bang with the collected powder and, er, other things...

DEZMOND said...

"It is illegal to work on Sunday"
probably some very religious state. Here in Europe, there are countries in which all stores and shops must be closed on Sunday by law. Pretty horrible.

Cruella Collett said...

Interestingly, to reply to what Dezmond said, I live in one of those countries where all (or at least most) shops are closed on Sundays, and I don't consider Norway as all that religious (though we technically still have a state church...). We're just *very* concerned with having time off. As someone who works in retail, I actually think it is a pretty sweet deal.

BUT. What I was going to comment on were the hilarious laws above. It is wonderful that the great state of Tennessee is finally handling the terrible problem of using a kids to buy you beer. That must be very common. Now if only they could also include seeing eye dogs and talking parrots in that paragraph we might be approaching some civility!

(Yay for the Spaghetti Monster!)

m. said...

fuck living in utah.
i'd bloody need alcohol in an emergency!

Mr. Stupid said...

Those are some crazy laws. I have heard the Bingo related laws of Pennsylvania. I agree with you. Everyone needs to know what they are playing for. said...

Your comments are even funnier than the laws. I especially like the "racist bastards" line.

Lisa said...

I enjoyed your responses to the Law. This is a really funny post. I wonder if there is more.

Me said...

Illegal to work on Sunday begged the question..what happens to the hospitals down there? I SO love to read these laws--I can't believe that some people came up with them and made them pass!:P

Debbie said...

So, as a Tennessean, who put those skunks in my yard? Some drunk child?