Friday, July 23, 2010

The Movie Game Answers

Congrats to Passionofthemom for once again getting every answer correct. I should retire and she should run the movie game. I will pay you in Skittles.

Here are your answers:

Easy - Link: The Hurricane & Stranger Than Fiction (worth 1 point)
A Night at the Roxbury (Dan Hedaya & Will Ferrell)

Medium - Link: The Hurricane & Stranger Than Fiction (worth 2 points)
The Bone Collector (Denzel Washington & Queen Latifah)

Hard - Link: The Hurricane & Stranger Than Fiction (worth 3 points)
Sphere (Liev Schreiber & Queen Latifah/Dustin Hoffman)

Challenge - Link: 15 Minutes & Lady in the Water & Runaway Jury (worth 5 points)
Confidence (Ed Burns, Paul Giamatti & Dustin Hoffman/Rachel Weisz/Leland Orser)

Nippy and Passionofthemom got the actor links the quickest. These are Nippy's answers:

Link: Nick Nolte to Richard Jenkins
Nick Nolte in U-Turn with Billy Bob Thorton in Intolerable Cruelty with Richard Jenkins

Link: Anne Hathaway to Philip Baker Hall
Phillip Baker Hall in Bruce Almighty with Steve Carell in Get Smart with Anne Hathaway

Don't forget to check the standings. Only a few more rounds left before a champion is crowned.


Pat Tillett said...

something is wrong with me...

Jules said...

Hey! Thanks for coming by my blog and for following me. I am indeed Geof’s wife and my blog is quite different than the man-cave…LOL! I am following you now too and look forward to reading more.

You will be to 100 followers in no time…you’re just a few away!

Have a nice weekend.

Sylvia Plathypus said...

Sweet!! This is super exciting...=) And you should know, I heart Skittles, so that works for me! LOL Off now to do the newest round of Movie Game awesomeness....latah!