Monday, July 12, 2010

Repost: Marshmallow Fluff

This was my first pros and cons post back when nobody was following me. It is one of my faves. Nippy actually helped me with this one. We were brainstorming pros and cons at work one night. For some reason the spacing and font size is all wacky and I can't seem to fix it. Oh well, enjoy it anyway.


  • Very tasty snack
  • Made of marshmallow
  • Can fix a leaky sink
  • Can be used as whiteout
  • The Fluffernutter would not exist without it
  • Good sugar high
  • Great name for a snack food
  • Instant Santa Claus beard
  • Used as a good prank food like whipped cream
  • Hide other food underneath the table with it
  • Acts as a Nair replacement
  • Caulk around the bathtub with it
  • Give grandma a facial
  • Style your hair


  • A bit too sweet
  • Way too sticky
  • Actually I just tried and it cannot fix a leaky sink
  • Your high friends might mistake your homework for a snack after using it as whiteout
  • Extremely difficult to get out of the jar
  • Might have to explain to your coworkers why it looks like you have dried semen around your mouth
  • Terrible name for a kid
  • Very difficult to roast over the campfire
  • After a few days, having to deal with the smell coming from underneath the table
  • Girlfriend kills you after using Marshmallow Nair
  • Lots of insects in your bathtub


Gemma said...

i love fluff. A sentence that normally would make me a slut/weird ;D

margg. said...

i want some.

we don't have anything like that here :(

Mr. Stupid said...
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Mr. Stupid said...

I have never like marshmallow creme. It was too sweet for me. BTW, fluff sounds like a good name... LOL

The Invisible Seductress said...

Mmmmmmm I love to mix it with cream cheese and eat it with strawberries..Mmmmmmmmm

Chuck said...

Short and sweet...some might say way tooooo sweet, eh?

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

There's no such thing as too sweet (or too short, for that matter). Funny post, PTM. I especially like the grandma facial idea, though my grandmas are dead. I don't think they'd appreciate it.

arlee bird said...

Marshmallows and marshmallow cream are some of my favorites. I recently made a comment related to this topic on a blog that is seen by few. As I stated there, "If there is food in heaven it would have to be marshmallow because it is like sugary clouds." Or something like that.

Tossing It Out

Steve G. said...

mmm, Fluff! I always hated though when there was only a little bit left, so you would get bits of it on the side of your hand. Now, they have strawberry Fluff in stores, which looks delicious!

Pat Tillett said...

oh yeah, spread it on graham crackers!