Friday, July 2, 2010

The Movie Game Answers

Congrats to Passionofthemom for getting every answer correct, she rocks at this game. She might have to take it over after I retire.

Easy - Link: The Mask & Wedding Crashers (worth 1 point)
The Cable Guy (Jim Carrey & Owen Wilson) or Yes Man (Jim Carrey & Bradley Cooper)

Medium - Link: Rocky & Batman & Robin (worth 2 points)
Predator (Carl Weathers & Arnold Schwarzenegger) or Spy Kids 3-D (Sylvester Stallone & George Clooney)

Hard - Link: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines & Hollywood Homicide (worth 3 points)
Sin City (Nick Stahl & Josh Hartnett)

Challenge - Link: Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde & Traitor & U.S. Marshalls (worth 5 points)
Memento (Stephen Tobolowsky, Guy Pearce & Joe Pantoliano)

The next answers were provided by Passionofthemom and Baygirl. They outdid my answers. The I could do was 3 moves for the first one and 4 for the second one. Congrats to them both.

Link: Jude Law to Joaquin Phoenix
2 moves:
Jude Law in Cold Mountain with Nicole Kidman in To Die For with Joaquin Phoenix.
Or Jude Law in Talented Mr Ripley with Gwyneth Paltrow in Two Lovers with Joaquin Phoenix

Link: Goldie Hawn to Pauly Shore
2 moves: Goldie Hawn in Town & Country with Nastassja Kinski in Red Letters with Pauly Shore.

Why didn't you play?

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