Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Review of a Candy Bar

I am the kind of guy that loves new food products. If I see a commercial for some new cheez-it flavor or something, I have to try it. I am a sucker when I go into the grocery store and see 'NEW' on any product in big bold letters just teasing me. This is especially true for the cookie, cracker, chip or candy aisle. My ultimate weakness is a new flavor of Doritos, I have to have them.

With this said, I recently saw a commercial for a new flavor of Twix, that being Twix Java, coffee flavored if you're not hip to the lingo.

One day I searched about 4 or 5 gas stations and 2 grocery stores looking for this new magical candy bar only to come up empty and an almost broken man. I found a Triple Chocolate Twix at a 7-11 but that wasn't not what I had come for. Why would they run a commercial for a candy bar that didn't exist yet? I was puzzled and I could almost taste the coffee goodness on my tongue. I had to quit the hunt, I figured it wasn't in stores just yet.

A couple of weeks went by and I had almost forgotten about the elusive treat until the other night when I stopped by the local gas station on my way home from Nicole's at 3am. I stopped to pick up some sugar so I could make brownies the next day. I took a gander down the candy bar aisle hoping to find something intriguing when there it was right next to the Peanut Butter Twix shining in all it's glory. I jumped for joy inside my head like a little kid in a candy store. I purchased it along with the sugar and took the first bite in the car. It was worth the wait.

The coffee flavor jumps out at you and enhances the already deliciousness of the Twix. It's bold but at the same time subtle, so it doesn't over power the chocolate and caramel. I finished the second piece as I was typing this and I wish I had more. If you don't like coffee than you probably won't like Twix Java. I recommend it to all that love coffee and candy bars. My next mission is to find the new pretzel M & M's.


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Arlee Bird said...

You are indeed a kindred spirit. If I see a fast food add when I'm watching TV at night I often go there for lunch the next day. New products? Yes! I'm on a quest to check them out. I keep seeing these filled Twizzlers advertised on TV-- haven't found them anywhere yet. When I used to visit Canada a lot I would always check out all of the candy bars I wasn't familiar with.

You might enjoy a post I did a while back about candy testing: The Dangerous English Toffee Test

Tossing It Out

Arlee Bird said...

By the way I'm a big fan of coffee and mocha flavored candies. I'll be on the lookout for this Twix flavor. I like the regular Twix.

Tossing It Out

Pat Tillett said...

I can't wait to try those out! I'm also a Dorito freak. Have you had the new "cheeseburger" flavored Doritos? good as the taco flavored ones

Unknown said...

Twix is my faaaaaavorite candy bar. And coffee... well... don't even get me started. I saw one of these in Target when I was checking out with about a million other family/random things. It was like slow motion, me reaching for the glorious bar of gloriousness... taking it from the shelf... I ate it in the car.

YUM. :)

BTW - Pat - Have you tried the chili Doritos? Insanity, they taste like... someone somehow mashed up chili and formed it into a flat triangle of Dorito goodness.

Pat Tillett said...

I finally found the "cheeseburger" flavored ones last night. They don't taste anything like burgers, they taste like MUSTARD! We all agreed.
I haven't had the chili flavor yet, but I'm going to!

Shannon said...

I saw Twix Java at the 99 cent store - I try not to buy candy there because it's just so cheap that I'll lose control and buy everything in sight. Now I'll have to try one. I did, however, try the pretzel m&m's - they are awesome.

Sylvia Plathypus said...

I have to disagree with Shannon about the pretzel M&Ms. I had some, and they tasted like melted plastic. Plus, the pretzels inside were tremendously stale, which bugged the bejesus out of me, since this candy is brand did it go stale already?? But that is of course my own opinion....I definitely don't recommend them! o_O Thanks for the review of the Twix Java!! I'm super psyched they brought back that lovely little beaut. =) Peace!