Sunday, February 21, 2010

Peanut Butter: Creamy vs. Chunky



* Spreads like melted butter

* Created first

* A way to get affection from your dog, you know cause it's your dog

* Magically delicious.....wait, no, that's Lucky Charms

* Good source of protein

* Jelly's best friend

* Put George Washington Carver on the map


* Does not make a good lube

* Fattening

* Killed one of Humpty Dumpty's kids

* Harmful to people with peanut allergies

* Fights with your cold cuts for your affection

* Sticks to the roof of your mouth



* Loaded with peanuts

* Good source of protein

* Awarded with the Medal of Valor for it's service in Vietnam

* They're Grrrrrreat...... nope, that's Frosted Flakes

* Jam's best bud

* Very proficient in Microsoft word and Excel

* Nice and crunchy


* Tears up the bread

* Choking hazard

* Arrested for 2 DWI's

* Fattening

* Extremely harmful to people with peanut allergies

* High School drop out

I have always liked creamy better than chunky. The deciding vote is the spreadability factor and creamy definitely wins that fight. Chunky is good in other ways. I don't understand the extreme chunky, it's basically just a jar of peanuts with some oil. Is that even spreadable?


Anonymous said...

I do love me some creamy peanut butter but when I bake peanut butter cookies I use chunky so I don't have to add nuts!
ahhaha not a good lube!!!
love the cons!!! high school drop out!

The Man-Cave said...

I can't decide which one I like more. I going with chunky, especially for PB&J's.

Golden Girl said... chunky

Ian said...

Not a good lube BAHAHAHA, creamy FTW


Yeah, I've got side with chunky....