Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Goin' Foreign

I potentially have a lot to write about in this post but for your sake I will try to keep it short and to the point. Recently I got a new car, wait.....correction, my fiance and I got a new car. She is helping me finance it because she is good like that and she doesn't want me to get another piece of crap.

The new car we got is a 2007 Nissan Altima 3.5L V6 SE but before I tell you about the new whip I want to enlighten you about my old ride, a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo LS. It was definitely a sexy looking car and was fully loaded; heated leather seats, sun roof, traction control, ABS, and On Star. It was pretty good on gas for a big ass car and was great in the snow. Unfortunately after a year of owning this beast things started to go wrong like they usually do for General Motors' vehicles. The engine started to get noisy and I had a slight valve tap that got louder as the months rolled on. I also had to replace an O2 sensor, EGR valve and catalytic converter. Then my heat wasn't working so I figured it was the thermostat, turned out to be a leaky head gasket. Right there I decided to stop driving it before I did any more damage.

So after being car-less for a few weeks, Nicole and I went car shopping. I knew I wanted a used Altima with low mileage and that's exactly what we got. I test drove the V6 and the 4 cylinder models and found that the V6 was a lot smoother. We have had this puppy for about 2 weeks now and I love it. It drives nice and smooth, a lot lighter than the Monte Carlo and more powerful as well. The Monte was a little underpowered for it's size.

What's sweet about the newer Nissan's is the keyless entry and push button start, no more juggling those keys. This baby is quick too, I'm passing people on the highway in a flash. It's not fully loaded like the Monte Carlo was but I'll take reliability and a 5 year/100,000 mile warranty over leather seats any day. This Altima is certified so it drives like its brand new even with 45,000 miles on it.

I just drove it home tonight in the snow and it feels like it's all wheel drive, I didn't slip at all. Even when I tried to fish tail the traction control wouldn't let me. This car has an automatic transmission but has the manual shifting option if you want to shift for fun, I used this to downshift down the hills and bends in the snow.

I wouldn't even be driving this car if it wasn't for my beautiful and caring fiance Nicole. She is way too good to me. It's comforting having someone there to support you when you need it most. Nicole, if you are reading this, Thank you for all your help.

I don't have anything negative to say about the Altima at this time and hopefully I won't have to. This is my first foreign car, I have had all Chevy's up to this point but that is for another post, this one is long enough. If you didn't realize it, this post was a review of the Altima and the first non-movie review. At least I think it is, I can't keep track of what I write anymore.

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That is the same kind of car my mom drives! She loves it. Are you ready for the new storm?