Monday, June 14, 2010

Trivia Corner Reboot #8

After a week's hiatus, trivia is back baby!! Strap on those thinking helmets and prepare to amaze me with your useless knowledge.

RULES: I will only accept EMAILS, do not post your answers in a comment. Let everyone have a fair shot at guessing the answer. You are welcome to leave comments as long as you don't write any answers in there. Email answers to No cheating!! Using the Internet takes the fun out of the game. Have fun!

You earn points for correct answers. They are tallied on the side bar (left side). The winner gets their very own blog post written about them by me. Just ask Asblackasobama about his prize, go ahead don't be shy. Actually read the trivia first, send in your answers then you can ask him.

1) When it comes to pounds consumed, what is the top-selling fruit in the United States? (worth 2 points)

a) Apples
b) Bananas
c) Strawberries
d) Grapes
e) Tomatoes

2) How many pounds of pressure does it take to break an ostrich egg? (worth 2 points)

a) 30
b) 75
c) 120
d) 155
e) 210

3) What famous movie star donated a bloodstained, sweat-drenched undershirt to the Smithsonian Institute? (worth 3 points)

4) What rock band took its name from a football term coined by former Chicago Bears head coach Mike Ditka? (worth 5 points)

Answers will be posted Tuesday morning so get your emails in before it's too late. Only 2 more rounds left after this one!! Look forward to my vacation story this week.


The Invisible Seductress said...

I suck at this stuff,, but play me Scrabble....if you dare!!!


I'm so behind.... There's no way I can catch up.

Pat Tillett said...

I guess I'm back to my usual sucking at this...