Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Want Some Blood

I was thinking about something after my 'Daybreakers' post. Isn't it kind of gay for a male vampire to suck on the neck of another male? If I was a vampire I would be targeting the ladies and would feel a little awkward sucking on the dudes. Even the end of that sentence seemed a little homosexual. By the way I am not homophobic in any way I just thought it would be interesting to bring up.

Someone should make a movie about gay vampires and make it into a comedy horror. That would be new and original. Can an animal be a vampire? Like a cat with bat wings and shit, or a penguin! Ok the penguin would probably have to be a comedy as well, who is scared of a penguin, they are so cute.

Daybreakers has opened up some new vampire ideas. Just wait a few years, somebody will make a gay vampire movie. Maybe there is already one floating out there.


Geof said...

A film about a vampire penguin? A vampenguin? This would be film of thr year easily.


I think food is food when it comes to vampires....