Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ahh The Good Ol' Days

I was bored the other day so I decided to be a little nostalgic. I broke out the after-market NES and original games. I played some Yo Noid!, VICE: Project Doom, Battletoads, NES Play Action Football and TECMO Super Bowl. I re-lived my childhood on a 13 inch Sony from a decade ago, it didn't really enhance the graphics.

Those football games for NES are so totally different from playing Madden 10 for Xbox 360. The graphics are atrocious and there are only about 8 plays to choose from, 4 running and 4 passing plays. In spite of these things I still loved playing my old games. Does anybody remember playing TECMO Super Bowl? It was so hard to play defense, every play they did netted them 50+ yards and a touchdown. What was cool about that game was it actually showed you what players were playing. I played NFC vs. AFC, there was Barry Sanders, Thurman Thomas, Morten Anderson, Mark Rypien and a bunch more. I remember having so much fun playing that game.

Play Action Football was a totally different game than TECMO, the field was 10 times as big and there were slightly more plays to choose from. After picking your play you had the option of choosing the opposite direction or play as drawn up.They also added the option play so you could run or pass. I remember this game being tough because you had to manually control the receivers in order to catch the ball. I believe there was an 'X' on the field you had to be on.

Good times playing these games. Just imagine what video games are going to be like in 50 years. I am going to definitely try to hold on to my old systems and games to compare. Kids nowadays start off playing Xbox 360 or PS3, they don't know what it's like to have cheap graphics and 8 megabytes. I still play my Super NES and Nintendo 64. The 64 was an awesome system, a bit underrated I think, much better than GameCube. Mario Kart was the best game for 64. Okay I think I have said enough, I could ramble on for hours on this stuff. If you still have any old systems, break them out from the attic and re-live some happy memories.

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I still have my old nintendo.... One day, I'm going to break it out and play with my kids.... My 4 year old son loves playing Mario Kart and the New Mario Brothers for the Wii! They're sooooo much fun!