Wednesday, January 6, 2010

AT&T versus Verizon

I have lost some respect for Luke Wilson. You are probably wondering what did he do? Well it's the new AT&T commercials that he has been doing lately. He states that AT&T has more coverage than Verizon, I beg to differ Luke. I have Verizon and I very rarely drop a call or don't have service somewhere.

That's the main reason for this post. In one of the commercials he talks about AT&T cell phone users being able to talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time and that Verizon doesn't have this feature. Why would you need to talk on the phone and go on the Internet with the same phone? Who is using this feature? The only time I would see this coming in handy is if you are talking about going to the movies or something and you need the show times. Do people really multitask this much and have that much ADD?

Is that the only thing that AT&T has over Verizon, a phone that lets you update your Facebook status while you are talking to your BFF? If I see someone using this feature on their phone I'm going to punch them in the kidney and throw their phone into traffic. Some technology we do not need. Stop pushing this on people Luke Wilson.

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I don't know.... I have a Treo, and I'm very envious of the iPhone....