Thursday, December 10, 2009

lazy, lazy, lazy

What is going on with me? I am definitely slacking on my blog. When I started it back in August I was writing like 2 posts a day, now it's down to like 2 a week. I only have 2 posts for December (well 3 if you count this one) and it's already the 10th. I think I try to be productive during the day and writing a blog post is last on that list plus I'm not generating the ideas like I was before. I didn't think this would happen. I was all excited when I started my blog and now I don't care as much for some reason.

I remember when I started using Sitemeter and I was all excited when I got 20 visitors. Now I'm almost at 2000 visitors and it doesn't phase me that much, I'm like "ehh." I have come to realize that any new thing in my life turns into a phase. For example I tried to learn how to juggle, I played computer scrabble for awhile, chess, certain video games, well you get the point. I am trying not to have blogging become just a phase. I want to keep up with it.

I don't really like to talk about current events because everybody does that. I find things unusual and different to discuss like the fancy toilet post and complaining about people. I need to reformat my blog and get into a routine of writing posts if I ever want this to make me any money or turn into something big. I also haven't put up a riddle in awhile. I think school and homework might be getting in the way. Do I really need a better edumication?

I'll sit down and come up with some ideas for you loyal readers. To the drawing bat cave!!

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Anonymous said...

obviously site meter still phases you if your writing a blog about it!!!