Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Q & A

Here are some fun questions to answer. Just leave your responses in a comment so others can read your creativity.

1) What would your stripper/stage name be?

2) What is the most ridiculous name you have heard someone call the female or male genitalia?

3) If you could get away with killing one celebrity, who would it be and why?

4) If you could create your own holiday, what would it be called and what would it be about?

I will post my answers on Thursday or Friday.


Mark said...

1. Can't divulge as it contains too much personal information.

2.The baby cannon, though I intend to call it this myself.

3.Justin Bieber, and because.

4.I would create a holiday celebrating the death of Justin Bieber that I just caused, and then we celebrate by finding another celebrity everyone wants dead and giving them the choice between stopping what they do, or making a sacrifice to our almighty saviour Darren Hayes.

Anonymous said...

1. Frodo
2. Penelope (F)
3. Russell Crowe. Do I really need a reason? It's Russell Crowe.
4. I'd call it "The Four Day Work Week" and we'd have every Friday to siesta it up.

That's right, I said siesta.

dirtycowgirl said...

1. Ivonna Bangkok ...what else could it be ?
2. An old friend used to constantly refer to her Petal. If you're gonna talk about it they why be too embarrassed to say Vagina.
3. Chris Martin. Whiny skinny irritating wanker.
4. 10th January. It's my birthday so I'd make it a national holiday. I think the rest of the world might want to celebrate this auspicious occasion...but even if they don't at least I'd always have a day off.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Number three - Lady Gaga. Or Snookie.

Rawr said...

1) Obi-Wan Kenobi
2) -
3) I love all people, -
4) Penguin days

Jeff Beesler said...

1. Jamie Scully.
2. Car Keys.
3. I wouldn't, but I might implicate Jamie Scully in it.
4. Jamie Scully Day. Because, you know, it just fits.

Workingdan said...

1. Floppy mop-why, I don't know

2. Bearded clam (f)- why associate
body parts to something so nasty?

3. Carrot top- man, he is so annoying!

4. Chili day- It would be an explosive
holiday when everyone has gas!

Anonymous said...

1-Peggy Sue-who knows just came to me.

2-steam box (f) and ewww...not okay

3-I wouldn't kill anyone but maim severely--maybe Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton (Honestly she offers nothing to the world) or just about any reality "star".

4-It's already one--it's called Spring Break. It would extend to everyone of all ages and would last a week. Considerations are being made for different areas to host the Spring Break festivities. Different areas for different age groups.

Chuck said...

1. Blo Meh

2. Puss n' boots

3. Who's ever dating Jennifer Aniston...ya GET Jennifer Aniston!

4. Couch Potato Day. No one works. Everyone just vegs on the couch/recliner. Napping at will. Every TV station would run a different marathon on shows. No one allowed on the way of reducing the carbon footprint!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet anyone who said or thought Steve Jobs to this yesterday must feel like a dick now.

Birgit said...

1. Blossom Marquee-actually the name of kindly 90 yr old lady who must have been in burlesque at on time...yup her own name too so i would steal it:)
2. Little Guy-what man would be proud t refer to it as Little? t just confrims they must be morons
3. reality stars are on top...Kim Kardasashian...reminds me of an old film star who once said.."To look beautiful, just stand there and look stupid" Sums most of them up doesn't it?
4. "Need Monday Off just because" day. Thank God Canada made Family Day in Feb because it was just too long a wait from New Years to Easter for a holiday and through the months with snow and little sun..I mean hell...we needed a holiday there so there:)

Miss Teacher said...

1. Trixie Swallow
2. Male - mouse/hamster. Female - Annie / foofoo
3. Linda Barker because she is a smug c**t.
3. Teacher day - last working day of every month is a day off and students have to bring us gifts above the value of £10. Or alternately being us any form of alcohol.

Bushman said...

1. Bush Man
2. Frog
3. Ice Tea (really law and order needs him?) or is it ice cube?
4. Beer Day--kinda easy to figure that one out.

W.C.Camp said...

I think 'Blender' would cover a couple of those questions. I wouldn't kill Tom Cruise but would like to stretch him out a little so he is at least as tall as his wife. Finally I think I'd create the 'National go to work without whining' holiday that way you could celebrate the fact that you have a JOB every day of the year!! W.C.C.

Steve Bailey said...

My answer to both 1 and 2 would be the same ..... meat flaps

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