Friday, March 25, 2011

Wrap Review

Have you ever eaten something so delicious that you thought about it for the next few days? It recently happened to me. When something is really tasty I act like Adam Richman from Man vs. Food. I would love to have his job. Eating for a living has to be one of the coolest jobs to have. I get so hungry watching his show. I want to travel across the U.S. and eat everywhere he has eaten. I am getting a little off track here.

At Nicole's house there are usually flour tortilla wraps and I love a good wrap. Usually my expectations are high for the wraps that I make but they are never as good as I hoped they would be....until now. I will just list the ingredients and you can decide for yourself.

- Jalapeno cheddar flavored tortilla wrap
- baked chicken but into pieces
- Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce (This stuff is phenomenal and I put it on everything)
- Extra sharp cheddar cheese
- Monterey jack cheese with jalapenos
- Red peppers
- Green peppers
- Jalapeno slices

I suck at actually wrapping up the wraps, I can never get the ends to close right. I have Nicole wrap it for me because she knows the proper technique (she must have taken a wrap wrapping class or something). What's cool is that the jalapeno cheddar wrap was a little thicker than the normal ones so it didn't crack and held the same shape. It was lightly toasted in a toaster oven until it was sealed. I forget how long it was in there for but it achieved the perfect crispiness and everything was sealed in there, nothing was spilling out the sides.

Oh the first bite was so delectable. A perfect mix of cheese, spice and sweet (I am salivating on the keyboard as I type this). After eating half of it I thought about framing it in a display case for all to see and bask in its glory but that would be wasting a perfectly good wrap. I hate wasted food. How it tasted was almost orgasmic (I had to check my pants to make sure, they were a little moist). If only I could have cloned it before I ate it so that I could enjoy it again. It was by far the best wrap I had ever made. I am in the process of building a time machine so I can go back and enjoy it over and over again. I can't seem to find a flux capacitor though, anyone have one lying around?
As an added bonus I got to eat the other half of Nicole's wrap. Not as good as mind but still pretty tasty. Her wrap didn't have the spice mine did. I hope to make-shift another wrap in hopes it tastes the same. Wish me luck. To the Bat Kitchen!!


Tricia said... had me at cheese.

Oilfield Trash said...

I am extremely hungry now.

Momma Fargo said...

Yum....hungry now. Going to go eat food. Ugh.

Cheeseboy said...

Your description has my mouth watering. AND I just ate at Five Guys!

HAve you noticed that Adam has gotten just a little bit larger every season on Man v. Food? I'd like his job too, but I hate to gorge myself.

Pat Tillett said...

Yum, yum and double yum! I think I'm on my way to the grocery store now!

Ms. A said...

Too much "hot" for me. I'm a wimp.

Chuck said...

I guess this thing really had you wrapped up, eh?

Teachinfourth said...

Okay, that sounds absolutely delicious! I might have to give it a crack.

Makavetis said...

I found you through Leovi, great page! I started my own art blog as well, about the greatest works, come check it out ;)