Thursday, June 28, 2012

Random Thoughts

Why do the French get their own vanilla? Where is the Spanish vanilla?

Who is running IMdb and how do they know so much about movies?

Why do we still have flat head screws? Phillips head screws are superior. And why didn't they name them cross head screws? Who is this Phillips guy?

How much gum would you have to eat in order to kill you?

Do you think people are good so they can get into heaven and then when they are there they are bad?

How is livery pronounced? I see it on taxicab license plates.

How come when people get shot in movies or on tv they just look at their gunshot wound in awe without screaming bloody murder? When I stub my toe in real life I want to throw a table across the room and punch the first person I see.

I think Tyler Perry just really likes to cross dress. There isn't a logical explanation for making so many Madea movies.

Can a tree die from old age?

I like lunchables but where are the breakfastables and dinnerables?


Mark said...

No idea

I think it's submitted by a lot of people, and not one guy.

I'm not sure on either of those. I guess the guy who invented them was called Philips, and we still have enough old screws that are flat head style.

No idea.

It's a good thought. Chances are that some do.

I believe it's pronounced "live-a-ree" or "liv-a-ree". I'm not sure either.

It's shock mostly. The shock of actually being shot silences them and all they can do is look at the wound. Then again it could just be that it's TV.


Trees do die of old age, but some of them have seriously long lives and live over a thousand years.

They're mostly eaten for lunch, so that's why.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

And what about second lunchables?
The person behind the IMDB apparently never sleeps.

Anonymous said...

Henry F. Phillips bought the crosshead screw design from John P. Thompson. Thompson failed to get interest from manufacturers with the design, and gave up by selling the concept to Phillips. Phillips started the Phillips Screw Company, redesigned the crosshead screw, patented it, and was successful where Thompson was not by selling the design to GM for use in speeding up and automating the assembly line.

As far as the gum goes, it only takes one piece to get stuck in the throat. Just saying.

Bart said...

breakfastables... with bacon and mini pancake crackers and some sort of egg like candies. seems legit.

Birgit said...

Why is there Vailla candles and vanilla bubble soap? I always want to eat that stuff. Maybe it is French Vanilla because they are considered so smooth in love talk and all that jazz.
I never knew what some guy meant when he said pass the phillips screw driver-I was thinking it was a new take on OJ and Vodka.
I hate gum but it would be cool to see someone blow up like a balloon and then we could tie a string around that person and have one's one sticky balloon-um maybe I am a bit sick.
I thyink they are still good. Reme,ber Good ole Lucifer was an Angel and then he dared question God and got booted out.
I wonder also how some get shot and they hurl backwards 15 ft like they got blasted by a bazooka-it is all for effect my friend
Who the F is Tyler Perry and should i care??
I am not sure if trees even make it past 15 yrs nowadays-shame isn;t it?
breakfastables-little cereal boxes that you could open up and pour the milk right in them. Dinnerables?-This salisbury(is it real meat) steak dinners with the creepy potatoes with a yellow spot in the middle.
IMD-I like Winkpedia better. I love movies and can name 10 Canadian silent film stars-1.May Irwin, 2.Florence Lawrence 3. Marie Prevost. 4. Florence La Badie. 5. Marie Dressler. 6. Norma Shearer. 7.. Mary Pickford. 8. Fay Wray. 9. Mack Sennett. 10.Jack Pickford-OK I am a bit of a freak

Ms. A said...

These are great! Do things like this keep you awake at night?

Baby Sister said...

Ahh yes, Spanish vanilla would be so much better!! I agree about people getting shot. I think I would have a freak out. And yes. We need breakfastables and dinnerables. Agreed.

DEZMOND said...

that gum thing is easily answered, but let us not try it :)

Adam said...

You are probably right about Tyler Perry

Al Penwasser said...

I think the guy on IMDB lives in his Mom's basement. Which is a pretty sweet deal because she makes great baloney sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

W.C.Camp said...

Breakfastables - AWESOME idea. I want mine with SPANISH toast, 'Front-ter', and syrup! W.C.C.

W.C.Camp said...

Follow up: Kind of like my blog, when the jokes are so odd and they have to be explained ... well then they really aren't jokes are they? Anyway I apologize for the obscure reference but in my mind since you were discussing why some words are only preceded by 'French' or what's so special about 'LUNCHables', I decided that why should 'BUTTer' have all the fun - let's make some 'FRONTer' too! W.C.C.

Pat Tillett said...

Now I have things to ponder all day.
I better take an aspirin now.
What is even less logical, is why anybody goes to see Tyler Perry movies... said...

I don't know but you say Phillips' screws are far superior? I'm off to hunt him down.


A Beer for the Shower said...

I don't understand ANYTHING about Tyler Perry. And then I feel racist for not laughing at his humor. But maybe, maybe it's not because I'm white. Maybe it's because he's just not funny.