Friday, May 12, 2017

Gyno or bank teller?

Recently I did a post on things a bank teller would say that would be weird coming from your gynecologist. Someone requested that I do it the other way so here are things a gynecologist might say that would be weird coming from your bank teller.

'You can take your pants off now'

'When was your last period?'

'After examining you, I believe you have a yeast infection'

'This might pinch a little'

'Do your breasts ever get sore?'

'Have you always had this mole?'

'Do you plan on getting pregnant anytime soon?'

'There is some blood but that is perfectly normal'

'That's herpes alright'

'Some of them do have an unpleasant odor'


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The last one might not be so weird if the teller was referring to other customers.

Adam said...

WebMD told me I was pregnant once, I kind of doubted it.

Mark said...

I've never been to a gyno so I can't offer any suggestions of my own. I don't know what they say.

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