Friday, October 22, 2010

Technology is Taking Over

Before I actually got followers I used to rant about things in my posts. I haven't done that in awhile. Usually something bothers me but by the time I want to write about it my feelings have change and I'm not pissed off anymore. Well something has bee irritating me for awhile now and it's just getting worse.


First I will admit that I do have a cell phone. I text a lot at home, I use it to check email and browse the Internet when I need too. I don't use it that much when I'm out and about. With that said, I have to say that texting has gotten way out of control. People can't put down their cell phones for one minute to do something. I will present you will some situations that bothered me.

!) People using their cell phones at the beach. Do we really need our phones at the beach? People can't enjoy the sun, sand and water without communicating it to everyone else? If you are going to the beach to talk or text on your cell the whole time, just stay home.

2) Students on their phones all through class. I'll admit that if I get bored in class I will text a little bit but it's the students that are engrossed in their phone and aren't paying attention to the professor at all. In my computer class the professor is lecturing and writing stuff on the board that will be on our next test. A lot of students in class are on Facebook on the computer and aren't writing down any notes. The girl next to me this past week was on Facebook the whole class. Why even come to class? Technology is taking over people's lives.

3) People at the gym with their cell phones. On the treadmill texting or using the leg press while texting. How about you leave the fucking phone in the car for an hour and actually workout. Are these people that important that they need their phone right by the side wherever they go? Same deal with kids in my gym class at school. After each exercise they have to check their phone and text somebody. I really hope that these kids get bad grades, they deserve that.

4) This one really boggled my mind and the guys are probably going to understand more than the women. I was in the bathroom relieving myself at the urinal when a guy comes in and is holding his manhood in one hand to pee and texting with the other hand. Seriously, this guy couldn't wait the 2 minutes to pee? It was so important to be on the phone while taking a piss? I'll admit that on occasion when I know I'm going to be in there awhile I will text while going number 2. When there isn't a magazine that's how I pass the time but never have I texted at the urinal.

5) This last one really irritated me. I was at a wake and during the pastor's sermon a woman in her 30's was texting next to me. Do people have no respect at all these days. To text at a wake, that is just wrong. It gets me thinking, there better not be anybody on their phone at my wedding ceremony. I will kick some disrespectful ass.

There is an exception with the phone usage. If people are using it for business then I can understand why they are on it so much. It's the people that use it for personal use that bug the hell out of me. And don't even get me started on people that text and drive. I hope that they get whats coming to them.

Do you hate people overusing their phones? Do you have a little story that you would like to share? I want to hear your stories in a comment.


Copyboy said...

Guilty on most of 'em including the manhood one. And yes, I feel guilty about my addiction. But that's the first step. No?

Toyin O. said...

Funny post and so true.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I agree completely! People on cell phones or texting while driving drive me crazy. I'll see people leaving my subdivision on the cell phone. You were just at home!! Why didn't you call then?
Proud to say I've done none of these things as I don't own a cell phone.

Heff said...

As I've always said, and it's my CREED, "Cellphones are OF THE DEVIL".

Thanks for stopping by the Bar and Grill !

Oilfield Trash said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on all of these rants. The texting while in the loo is a wee bit gross. Ok, it's really gross! (I just wanted to use 'wee' as a cute pun.) I read an HR article recently about the germy dangers lurking on PDA's and laptops because people were taking them into the bathroom stalls at work. Ewwww! - G

Marlene said...

Oh, so true....and don't even get me started on people who talk LOUDLY on their cells while in a restaurant with their partner! Come on - how do you think your partner feels that you're completely ignoring him/her while you yak yak yak about the latest gossip during a meal...not to mention the fact that if I'm sitting behind you, I don't really need to hear about "Sarah's affair". Sheesh!

Bossy Betty said...

OH! OH! Now you've got Betty riled up. Are you happy? I try to ignore it when the students in my class text. The ones who do it all the time are the worst. I simply give them F's for attendance and participation. They are shocked, but I explain to them that they really AREN'T attending!

TS Hendrik said...

I don't own a cell phone. No hang ups here. (get it? Hang ups? Sorry...)

Debbie said...

I'm right there with you. People and their phones drive me nuts. The bathroom? I've heard people talking in there on them and I just freak out. Never had anyone text near me in church, thank goodness!

baygirl32 said...

Guilty! except for hold the manhood one, I don't have that to hold, or I'd probally be guilty of that as well...I loves me iPhone

Jeffrey Beesler said...

It's only a matter of time before every mind is connected to a real life version of the Borg Collective.

Pat Tillett said...

I have droid, it's half phone and half mini-laptop computer. I'm on it a lot. But I NEVER text.

A couple of months ago my wife and I were driving on the freeway. We noticed that a highway patrol car was going very slow and barely staying in his lane. When we passed him I was horrified (and a little thrilled) to see that the hypocritical bastard was texting. Not only was he texting, he was using both hands and driving with his knees! I was frantically trying to get my camera out of my pocket (thinking blog post of course) but it got hung up on my seat belt. I finally took the pic, but he saw what I was doing and lowered the phone and glared at me. OH MAN!!!

margg. said...

i'm not going to lie.
it irks me too.

i would be happy to throw my phone out the window and never use it again.

Baby Sister said...

On occasion I will txt while driving, not very often though. And I don't do the other things. It drives me crazy!! I hate seeing people that can't put their phone down for 2 minutes.

Chuck said...

Man do I agree with you. I even bitch at my wife for using her phone while we are watching a movie at home.

Here is my most recent amazment of people texting/using their cell phone. The baseball playoffs.

The way the cameras capture the action you are always getting to see shots of the people who paid high dollar to sit behind and to either side of home plate. Since Texas is doing well (we are going to the World Series, woohoo!)I have been watching their games and in New York (that's right, the Rangers just whipped the Yankees like amateurs, woohoo again!)the number of people using their phone in some manner every time they were in the shot was amazing.

Why go to the game if you are not going to get into it?? Losers.

Momma Fargo said...

Guilty on the cell phone thing. Don't even try to take mine away.

RaShelle said...

LOL - Texting and peeing??!!! That's awesome.

No texting and driving for this girl. But, I do agree that the cell phone craze has become out of control. I can't live without mine.

Geof said...

I am a frequent cell user but I can't help it due to work and simply checking the internet, but I do know when not to use it. I'm glad you mentioned the gym because three times in the last two weeks, I had the (non) pleasure of having to hear other peoples' conversations right next to me for at least 20 minutes each time. Extremely irritating.

Not to be gross, but I was in the bathroom today washing my hands (people at this convention are all sick and I don't want to join that company)and someone was having a heart-to-heart while they were popping a squat. That is where I draw the line...please do not use phones when you are using the bathroom. That is unnecessary usage.

And please...more rants! These were sorely missed.

Anonymous said...

I used to text all the time. Peeing, eating, watching a movie or t.v, in the shower and bath. I used to be calling people while in the bath. I also used to be on msn talking to other people and texting. I'm also guilty of texting a person siting right next to me. The only thing I didn't allow texting was when I was watching Survivor. No one was worth Survivor. That and sleep was the only time i'd turn my phone off.

Now, after all that text addiction, I don't have a cell phone. Admitting the problem is the first step, but i'm already on the other side and it looks... really weird and it's slightly hilarious. People get angry at me because they can't get a hold of me, or call me when they need something. I just laugh at them. They know where I live, what's wrong with a nice visit and a cuppa?

passionofthemom said...

Oh HEEELLLLLL no, that bitch did not text at a wake!! I would literally snatch that shit out of her hand and smash it to smithereens. And then smack her stupid ass around for good measure. Fucking asshole!

If you need me to, PTM, I will come to your wedding and be on duty as the designated cell usage warden! They'll wish like hell they had left that shit in the car, I guarantee it.

People on cell phones in line PISS ME OFF!!! I'm a cashier, so I have to endure those donkey-raping shit eaters multiple times on a daily basis. Don't fucking apologize to the moron you couldn't wait 45 seconds to talk to, apologize to me for being so rude while I'm trying to help your sorry ass!! *huffing and puffing* Sorry, I get a "little" worked up about that.

And anyone caught texting and driving should get the old-school Arabic theif treatment, and have their damn hands chopped off at the wrists. Aladdin was going to get his hand chopped off for lifting a loaf of bread, so why not for endangering the lives of everyone around by trying to text while driving?? Just saying.